Using Technology for Smart Gift Giving

Technology has been described as a disruptive but game-changing force in today’s society. It has touched every aspect of modern living and brought changes to the way we reach out to other people, learn new things, take a leisure break, and do work. Even aspects of worship, fundraising, and charity work can now be done online. Community members can just pick up their smartphone or digital device, search for their favorite cause or charity and enter and tap their donation amount.

Doing Good Online

Digital penetration rates have been increasing across age groups throughout the years. Now, it is rare to find a person without a smartphone or digital device or some sort of online access. To support this growing demographic, everyday activities such as donating to local community groups and churches can now be done online.

The introduction of online donation apps, websites, and programs led to a growth in online giving. In 2016, online giving grew by 7.9 percent in comparison to the previous year. Out of all fundraising activities conducted that year, around 7.2 percent were done online. The Charitable Giving Report also disclosed positive trends in online giving, with more than 5,000 nonprofits receiving around $2.6 billion from online fundraising initiatives in that year alone.

The figures show a shift in giving behaviors and practices across different types of donors. It also indicates an openness by the community to embrace technology when it comes to supporting their favorite causes, their local church, or nonprofit. Overall, the trend shows a mainstreaming of online donation practices in comparison to more traditional means of giving.

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Modern Church Management

Today, even churches are making their social media presence felt across platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Part of this digital transition involves exploring nontraditional means of networking and communicating with church members. Churches are also going into online giving platforms to allow the community to give back at their convenient time.

With a number of giving platforms in the market today, choosing among 4 of the best text-to-give services for churches would not only benefit the church but also the donor as well. Aside from the online donation websites, SMS and text donations have allowed more individuals to directly contribute to their church. Messaging platforms also provide a quicker, more direct, and simpler option compared to other giving methods.

Staying on top of tech trends is essential for churches and other nonprofits. The most effective donation platforms not only provide convenience to donors but to those who are managing the system. As such, the donation platform should allow managers to efficiently track donations through a streamlined system. It should also have a quick data reporting function for transparency purposes.

Technology has brought new ways for the community to establish a connection with their local church. With churches entering into the age of technology, they also have to adapt their networking and fundraising style with the current generation. By tapping into new ways of gift-giving, churches are opening their doors to a wider network of community supporters.

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