Top Attractions When Visiting Las Vegas

Many of my favorite travel memories come from the times I spent in Las Vegas. Nicknamed “Sin City” for good reason, you’ll find it could also easily steal New York’s nickname as “The City That Never Sleeps.” There is always something to do or see in Vegas, the people watching is second to none, and each trip has a feel and personality that is distinctly its own. This is just in the city. If you grab your RV rental and hit the desert surrounding the city, you’ll be surprised how many amazing beautiful natural parks, trails, and campsites are within an hour of the city to be explored. If you’re itching for the full Vegas experience, make sure you visit the following attractions on your next trip there!

The Strip

These are two of the main “places to be” in Las Vegas. The Strip is famous worldwide and home to most of the ten largest hotel casinos in the world. This is the most common spot to stay for tourists visiting the city and includes major casinos like the MGM, The Venetian, The Mirage, Caesar’s Palace, and The Bellagio, among many others. This is the famous shot that every movie or TV show based in Las Vegas show, and The Strip is undoubtedly the main drag for the city and stretches for miles.

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Always check out this place at least once and take advantage of the fact you can have drinks on the street as long as you stay on the sidewalks or in the casinos. Each casino has its own special shows and attractions – so make sure to check in on all the amazing options you’ll have right there on the Vegas Strip.

Fremont Street

Fremont Street is where the locals go: and you may find it to be a bit overwhelming on the first visit to Vegas as the street is covered by a canopy of flashing lights and screens that can give you sensory overload even if you’ve been to Sin City before. Fremont Street is sort of the Vegas experience for locals and includes the casino where the World Series of Poker started, an outstanding array of small casinos, and plenty of Elvis impersonators, street performers, and Flamingo girls.

You’ll find you can park your RV rental in a wide array of surrounding areas, as the blocks directly around Fremont Street are home to an array of great buffets, classic casinos, and other businesses that often have a strong reputation and loyal following. You definitely want to check out Fremont Street.

Volcano & Fountain

Two great attractions you want to see on the Vegas Strip: the Volcano at the Mirage and the nighttime fountain shows at the Bellagio. The display of fire and a fake volcano at the Mirage happen at night and is really impressive, and YouTube is flooded with videos of the Bellagio fountain shows, which include two different alternating shows, each one with its own song and presentation. You will want to catch both while walking The Strip at night for a pair of truly unique Vegas draws!

The Shark Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

Yes, there is a massive aquarium complete with many fish, sharks, manta rays, and more all located at Mandalay Bay, one of several impressive large hotel-casinos located right on the Vegas Strip. Not just one or two, either. With over 1.3 million gallons of water there is room for over 2,000 animals including100 sharks, giving you an incredible marine experience right in the middle of the desert. This is definitely a stop you don’t want to miss.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Hey, sometimes you want a bit of a break from the glitz and glamor, an in Las Vegas those two things can be a bit overwhelming. While you might not think of Las Vegas as a place of amazing museums, this one is really impressive. Ranging from city history and the atomic tests of old to dinosaurs, marine life that lived there during prehistoric eras and more, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum is a really eclectic hodge-podge of interesting exhibits that has a very unique and independent personality. Try the Neon Museum if you want a modern history in signs.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Remember the earlier mention of incredible natural beauty? The desert has its own beauty and when you throw in some surrounding hills and canyons, you have a nice list of places worth exploring and the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is the absolute top of that list.

Hike, camp, check out the natural history of the area, and enjoy some really beautiful natural landscapes. While out and about outside of the city, consider checking out a tour of Hoover Dam for another impressive and unforgettable experience!

Plan That Vegas Vacation Today!

What are you waiting for? Why go another day planning for a “someday” trip when you can get the ball rolling on your own custom Vegas adventure right now? If you want to look for the best deal you can find on an RV rental Las Vegas won’t disappoint. Keep this short list of places to check out, and go create your own adventure in Nevada’s largest city!

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