Things to Look at When Auditing Your Business Website

SEO audits can be conducted either using an SEO audit tool or manually to check the check the health of websites in terms of performance and traffic. When compiling SEO audits several on-page and off-page elements are taken into consideration, and people can easily determine what they can do to better their chances of success.

To ensure that audits are conducted correctly and that all the needed information is provided many companies choose to let professionals audit their website for them, however if you are looking to complete at SEO audit without professional assistance, ensure that you take the following things into consideration:

Competition – it is important for you to determine where you are and also where your competitors are. Look into your key competition determining what keywords they are using, what traffic they get and more – looking for things that you could utilise also. Don’t only look at the good things that they are doing, but for things to avoid.

Crawling – You must crawl your website to identify any underlying issues. This will allow you to identify technical faults that need addressing, duplicate content issues and much more, allowing for you to enhance your SEO tenfold.

Accessibility – Determine whether your website is accessible to your target audience. Deal with any 404 errors, long server response times and slow loading pages as soon as you can. Page speed is incredibly important as if people have to wait for pages to load they will likely leave your website.

Link analysis – To Google, your sites quality depends on the number of quality sites linked to it. You should ensure that you are being linked to from good, quality sites but also that all links are relevant to your industry and business.

Indexing – Work out how many of your website pages are being indexed by Google. Of this number is much less that the number of pages you actually have it is likely that your website is not being indexed properly or that your website is home to duplicate content.

Site architecture – Ensure that your site architecture is robust, with important pages given priority. Make your website as flat as you can and make it easy for visitors to find exactly what it is that they are looking for.

These are only some of the things that you need to look at too. Typically it is a good idea to let a professional SEO company  conduct an SEO audit for you, even if you don’t use the company to complete the work, this will provide you with more of an insight of what you need to do in order to improve your website rankings.

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