The Technology Behind Thermally Controlled Tableware

The world would be a difficult place to live in without temperature control. Detecting changes in temperature and regulating the temperature to the desired level remains the key to the food industry. Through temperature control, it’s possible to maintain the temperature in food and drinks at the desired level. Concerning tableware, there is a firm known as Ember Technologies that specializes in making thermally controlled tableware. This is a firm that has been in existence for the past five years having been established by Clay Alexander. Its offices are located in Westlake Village, California. The company makes products that can keep their contents warm by either rotating a dial that is found at the bottom of the tableware or using an Ember app. The app is compatible with both IOS and Android.

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Ember technology has been made possible by the thermostat. For starters, a thermostat is an electrical component that is meant to sense temperature change in a product or a system. The device then undergoes some changes that are meant to keep the temperature at the desired level. This means that the thermostat plays a key role in cooling and heating systems. The device can also be used in the ambient air control as well as automotive coolant control. Other applications that make use of the thermostat include electric cloth iron and electric mugs like the one produced by Ember Technologies. In a layman’s language, a thermostat is a device that employs the concept of closed loop aimed at bringing down the difference between the actual temperature and the desired temperature.

Working Principle

Away from engineering terms, a thermostat works by turning a cooling device or a heating device on and off. It can also work by ensuring that it controls the heat transfer fluids. It finds its application in building especially heating, air conditioners, central heating as well as HVAC systems. The device also finds its use in kitchen equipment such as refrigerators and oven. In the medical field, it can be used in incubators.
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Sensor technologies

There are plenty of sensor technologies that are currently being used by thermostats, and some are even being used by Ember technologies. They include electrical thermocouples, expanding wax pellets and bimetallic electrical and mechanical sensors. Semiconductor devices alongside electronic thermistors are also being used in the design. However, these technologies can’t work alone as they have to make use of electrical signals, direct mechanical control and pneumatic signals.

History of thermostats

Thermostats are considered the greatest breakthrough in control engineering alongside transistors. However, the devices have been in use since the 15th century after they were invented by Cornelis Drebbel. Drebbel was a Dutch innovator. This regulator was made up of mercury and employed feedback control. However, recent thermostats were invented in the 19th century by a Scottish chemist known as Andrew Ure. Other scientists who have influenced the field of thermostats include Warren S. Johnson, Albert Butz and Charles Hearson.  Ember Technologies products are available in a wide variety of places such as e-Bay and Amazon.


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