The importance of social media shoutouts as the minimum reward

When it comes to creating the perfect crowdfunding India campaign, campaigners always emphasize on perfecting their campaign story, using photos & videos to attract attention, and creating an impeccable social media and communication strategy – all of which are very crucial elements of your campaigns. But there is one aspect that tends to get left out, which is paid attention to, can draw in a lot more potential donors. We’re referring to the period after your campaign ends, whether you met your fundraising target or not.

People who have supported your cause need to be told how much of an impact their contribution has made, and how many lives they have changed for the better. So as campaigner, you must be in touch with your supporters.It is vital to share updates about the campaign with with your supporters.

  1. Send a personalized thank you note
  2. Give them a shoutout on social media for their help
  3. Share progress reports of your campaign with them
  4. Invite them to your offline fundraising activities
  5. Reply to all their messages and comments of social media

Today we’d like to tell you how important, even something as small as a social media shoutout can be, in enhancing your donor engagement activities, in a crowdfunding India .

It’s a reward that costs nothing

Unlike physical rewards such as merchandize, or rewards like free tickets, that will add up your costs, something as simple as a social media shoutout would cost you nothing – so we’d say it’s worth investing the time!

Easy way to add a personal touch

Social media has managed to make even impersonal communication, personal. Posting a thank you not on their wall, or featuring them on your NGO’s page, is a great way to easily add a personal touch.

Keeps your supporter engaged

When you publicly thank or appreciate a donor’s contribution towards your cause, it’ll given them a mental boost, and make them feel better about themselves. Show your gratitude on Facebook or Twitter, and even start a conversation to keep them engaged and invested in your cause.

Reach out to friends of supporters

When you tag someone on Facebook or post on their wall, their friends get to see it as well. This way, you’re increasing your visibility, as well as reaching out to other potential donors who might be interested to join in on your initiative as well. The more the merrier when it comes to crowdfunding India!

Rewards based crowdfunding doesn’t always have to be expensive and complex – sometimes even the little details make a difference. Remember, you want your supporters to stick around and contribute to future crowdfunding India campaigns as well, so use your most powerful tool, social media, to stay connected with them!

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