Tanks, Atomizers & Clearomizers – What Exactly Are They?

When you are new to vaping, it is very confusing to know the difference between all the vape products available, such as clearomizers, atomizers, and tanks. In this article will take a look at these three items and describe how they differ.

A cartomizer is the most basic type of e-liquid container needed for vaping, and this is where most people will begin when starting out. You can buy cartomizers prefilled, and once they are finished you simply throw them away.

This is a cheap way of vaping, and convenient because cartomizers are found in most convenience stores or gas stations.

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Once you’ve been vaping for a while, you’ll probably want to move up and start using a clearomizer. Originally clearomizers were simply a cartomizer made with a clear material so you could see through it and see how much liquid was left. However, these days you can buy much larger clearomizers which hold around 2 1/2 mL of e-juice. The coil in a clearomizer can be taken out, and therefore it is easy to refill.

Clearomizers of this type are usually seen on vape pens and beginner kits. Starter kits often come with two vape devices including two clearomizer tanks, several coils and some e-liquid.

A tank is a step higher when it comes to quality compared to the clearomizer. You can get tanks made of glass or stainless steel. As with the clearomizer, the tank coil can be replaced. The benefit tanks have over the clearomizer is it will usually hold anything from 2 mL to 6 mL of e-juice. They also have the same thread connection that you will find on most vape pens or mods – a 510 thread connector.

Using a basic tank will allow you to learn airflow control as these days nearly all have air control on the top or bottom of the tanks.

Sub Ohm tanks are similar to the basic tanks, but a Sub Ohm tank has coils which are much lower when it comes to resistance compared to regular coils.  This means they can handle high wattage and produce much bigger clouds of vapor than a normal tank. Furthermore you can use higher the GE juice which has better flavour. When using sub ohm tanks you will need a powerful mod, but there are fantastic sub ohm mods and tanks on the market which are ready to use. Needless to say, they are a bit more expensive than a regular modern tank but the additional benefits of sub ohms when it comes to the vaping experience are well worth the cost.

After Sub Ohm tanks you will want to probably take a look at rebuildable atomizers and rebuildable dripping atomizers. (RBAs and RDAs). This is like night and day compares to previous tanks and you will need quite a bit of knowledge and experience before you attempt to use a RBA.

The main difference is that instead of replacing a coil with another, you actually build your own coils which you can customise to suit your own tastes. Another benefit is the cost is a lot lower than buying new pre-made coils.

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The re-buildable dripping atomiser does away with the tank together. You drip your a e-liquid or a e-juice directly onto the coil instead of filling the tank. With an RDA you also build your own coils like with the RBA.

It goes without saying this is not something for beginners. It is very important that you know exactly what you’re doing when you build your coils. The RBA is similar to the rebuildable dripping atomiser, but it has a small bowl which surrounds the coil and enough space for a small amount of e-liquid. This means you have all the benefits of an RDA without the hassle of dripping quite so often.

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