SMBs Prefer Cloud-Based Services

Big businesses have the benefit of lots of financial support that allows them to invest quickly and in equally big ways. Small and mid-size businesses, on the other hand, rely on smaller bankrolls and, thus, fewer resources. Vast improvements in technology over the past decade or so, however, has really helped to make it easier for the little fish to succeed in the big business ocean.  And there is still room to grow: and with the advances in technology, all businesses could grow with it!

However, current studies indicate that maybe about half of all small-sized and medium-sized businesses still paid for tech support in the past few years.  This means that there are great deals of companies (with no more than 20 people) who still need assistance with technology capabilities, and they get that help from outside their organization.  In addition, businesses with 100 people are also still finding more success by employing external tech support.

When you look at all of this together, it becomes quite apparent the need for technology services.   And with that in mind, let’s take a look at the way Meade Willis cloud based WMS—just one of many types of technology available today—help to better serve the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses.


Perhaps the most immediate benefit all SMBs may experience from cloud-based warehouse management comes in the form of better organization within the always-growing marketplace.  No matter the size of your business today, you know that you are going to work with vendors and clients and even, perhaps, other partners. When you implement new technologies to help to coordinate all of your relationships, big or small, it helps to improve your efficiency in all ways.  And, in fact, the same data shows that at least fifty percent of all SMBs prefer to outsource their IT and cloud services from only one source because it makes it easier to manage.


Success in today’s mostly online world being available online—at all times—is key.  You must have a web presence, and you must ensure you are always available on the web.  Less network downtime means you have access to your cloud-based data and services more often.


Finally, [outsourced] cloud-based services mean you always have support.  If you experience any issues or hit a snag, you are able to fix problems efficiently and effectively.

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