Significance Of Information Governance In Digitized Public Administration

In the last few years, information and its governance have moved to the center stage as the public sector across the world is now increasingly transforming itself and processes via digital technologies.

Information Governance plays the all-important role in forming a critical bridge between the traditional legacy systems and the mobile and agile platforms of the future. It is worthwhile to note here that the consideration of information governance through holistic viewpoint is important to make sure that new and innovative opportunities that are made available through technology can be smartly and effectively leveraged to transform government and lays down the foundation of transparency and accountability in the public sector.

Information, like people and money, is a core resource of public information. This is simply and primarily because information facilitates in decision making about public management and policies. Moreover, it supports the provision of services to the general public and also offers a record of all government activities for existing and future use.

It is worthwhile to note here that a significant part of government activity across the globe is founded on the collection, production, analysis, processing, use and reuse, sharing, protection, disposal, dissemination, and long-term retention of information. Information governance is still an umbrella concept in most countries of the world that are yet to wake up to realize the importance of information-centered organizational culture. This can be described as a purposeful and powerful approach to government information that is critical and required to analyze, formulate, and execute decision making in today’s digital era.

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