Preventing your website from cyber intrusion

Modern time is the time where everyone whether individual or organization is dependent on internet for various purposes. Internet provides everything you wish to know. It provides plethora of information and still you can have the online sales of your products, without establishing any physical store and bearing the extra cost of establishment. You require a website of your organization to do so. Still what is more important is to protect your website from the intrusion of malicious software. This malicious software invades your website. They stop functioning of your website and sometimes hack your data, thus providing you unaccountable losses. There are many software companies which offer free malware scanning services.

Why to protect from malware?

Malware not only prevents the proper working of your computers, but also encrypts your data. It can delete your data. It can steal your data and can provide strategic information of your company to your competitors. It can further allow your computer system to be hacked and your competitors can have access to your computer.

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How to prevents malware from disrupting your system?

There are companies which provide complete package of providing scanning of your files, detecting malware and removing malware from your system finally, providing security to your computer network. There are companies which provide free scanning services to your files and send report on the malware detected from your files. All you have to do is to provide your FTP login information to the company. This information should be sent through HTTPS encrypted connection.

This login information is being used by the software company to scan the files from your system. It may take 15 to 20 minutes or more. Once the scanning is completed, a comprehensive report is sent from the company to you, giving detailed information regarding the malware and how to remove it and protect your system from the malware.

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