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As you all know that management of industrial document is very important for safe operations. There are lots of organizations who give assurance of their services like management and control of the document. The Assai is one of the best associations for إدارة الوثائق Oman and very well-known for their reliable and truthful service. They offer web-based control tool that helps in the tracking of deliverables on a major transportation project. With the help of web-based tool the risk of deliverable been issued wrongly reduce.

Benefits of taking help of Assai

  • They will help you in delivering the projects in advance for reasonable cost.
  • With the complete traceability they help you in faster communication with third parties.
  • They provide you correct and Clear progress reporting.
  • Assai give surety of the class and completeness of project information and documentation.
  • They also support you for system setup, training and for business analysis.

With the help of Assai services, you can save all documents, correspondence, emails, contract orders and drawings in safe location. They offer the latest revision, version and control access for your team. By providing search and drill down function the members of Assai always maintain your team. They also provide the option for metadata search, with the help of this option one can find the information or data very quickly.

One can control their all document modification with the help of their services. For handling your revisions, the team of Assai makes use of complete incorporated and configurable business procedure. They utilize electronic stamps, which directly renew the document approval code in the document register and automatically produce e-mail to controllers of document. Top quality مراقبة الوثائق Oman plays an important role in the accomplishment of engineering and construction projects.

The people who are late, Assai simply generates e-mail to them. To support claim process and complete investigation, their team is very strong in momentous and forensic reporting. They have powerful control on authorization and recognition or one can say that every act is logged. One cannot open file of second person without their authorization. So contact them as early as you can for the safe and accurate operations.

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