James McDonald Showcases How marketing can influence business

To make a business flourish and develop, a well-prepared business tactic must be in place and ready to be launched. That being said, a vital part of it depends on marketing, in addition to the consumers’ acceptance of the services or product. Thus, marketing is no doubt an indispensable part of business.

James McDonald explains how marketing can have an impact on the business

The market these days is filled with a number of competitors and thus it is the responsibility of every customer to be aware of the issues and preferences of their customers. Since they are the vital part of the business success, understanding their requirements and enhancing their satisfaction can directly impact the business growth. This is why most of the people utilize the powerful tool of market research in order to stay ahead and promote their performance by preventing possible risks.

James McDonald is a renowned Irish lawyer, who has been working as a Junior Counsel in the Bar of Ireland since 2006. He has studied journalism for his undergraduate degree, pursued law after that, and then he became a barrister. In addition to this, Mr. McDonald has also founded his own consultancy business, Model Communication, which provides services for clients with the likes of key Fianna Fáil figures for instance former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern. He has vast knowledge about marketing as well and he says that everything in the business depends directly or indirectly upon marketing.

Following are some of the points that explain how marketing can influence the business:

  • To make the business successful, the service or the product that the company is offering must be known so that one can have potential buyers. In case the business is unfamiliar to the community and one does not have any kind of communication with the customers, then they will need to use marketing strategies to create alertness for the service or product. So, marketing can help to promote the company and give the business an opportunity to reach out to the potential customers.
  • Another way by which marketing can influence the business is it can help to boost up the sales of the company. By marketing the products and services of the company there is an increased chance that their word will spread more and the sales will increase gradually.
  • The reputation of the company is one of the most important factors which decide whether the business will be successful or not. And proper marketing can certainly help a company to be more reputed and can even help to build their brand name.

Apart from all these marketing encourages healthy competition. For instance, when the prices are presented via marketing, it can reach the potential customers and it also reaches other businesses who are selling the same product or service in the same industry.

Besides having expertise in law, business and marketing, James McDonald has also worked with the “Sunday World” and became an author of the top comedy satire show “Nob Nation.”

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