Is a Career in Medicine Right for You?

These days, a college education is more expensive than ever. The average college student graduates in five years with over forty thousand dollars of student loan debt. That is why students and parents alike should take the time to research which degrees lead to productive career paths.

A degree in medicine or related fields gives you tons of options when it comes time to choose a career. According to theĀ Bureau of Labor Statistics, eight of the top ten fastest growing careers are in the medical industry.

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You may not have considered a career in medicine because you doubt that you have the patience for eight years of school. But did you know that there are many careers in the medical field that don’t require extensive schooling? If you have a passion for learning and for helping others, don’t let your fear of school stop you from pursuing a degree in the medical field.

There is much more to a career in medicine than just being a doctor or nurse. Both occupational therapy and physical therapy assistants average more than fifty thousand dollars per year and don’t require eight years of schooling before they are qualified to work in their field.

Training to be a medical secretary, medical transcriptionist, or phlebotomist can be completed in less than two years and these are portable skills that give you a level of financial security. No matter where you live in the United States, there is always a demand for qualified phlebotomists and medical secretaries.

If you are willing and able to commit just a little more time to your education, a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing is another great option for those looking to have an ‘evergreen’ degree. Many accredited brick and mortar and online nursing schools offer three year degree options and flexible classes for non-traditional students and adult learners. In most cases, you will never take more than two or three classes at a time and the course load is reasonable for both full time and part time learners.

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Many students are intimidated by the complicated medical terminology that you have to learn to gain credentials in the medical field. There are a lot of words to memorize, but the good news is that they are easy to memorize using medical flashcards. You can make your own or order them pre-made online. Once your friends and family start to quiz you on the terms, you will gain confidence in your ability to master the course material.

Why spend thousands of dollars on a college degree that you will never use, on that doesn’t qualify you for a career in a growing field? Before you go back to school, do your homework. Ask yourself: Do I enjoy working with and helping others? Do I want a career that allows me to work anywhere? And finally, am I ready to start working right away in a relevant and growing field? If you answered yes to all of these questions, a career in medicine might be right for you.


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