How to keep Bitcoin safe?

Bitcoin is the most popular currency that is in the headlines on the Internet. A crypto currency is the form of money that does not have any physical significance, but is used for exchanging services over networks. These are mainly used over the internet. Bitcoin is also a form of crypto currency designed for exchanging digital information over the internet.

Security issues

As the crypto currency is used over the internet, so it has many threats also. As the value of the crypto currency rises, the theft probability from online wallet also rises. So making secure your wallet should be your first priority.It can be stolen by the hackers or can be misused by anyone who have your crypto currency account information. To avoid such situations you have to make your crypto currency secure through the ways mentioned below.

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Safety devices

You can use more secure wallets in addition to the security of your Bitcoin account. Some of the most secured wallet  information is collected for your ease.

Ledger Blue

It seems to be one of the safest wallet for your crypto currency account. The French development company of Ledger Blue claims that the hardware features used to build the wallet provides its extra security and make it more secure than the other normal wallets. It is light weight, easy to handle, have both Bluetooth as well as USB connectivity. The ledger blue is protected by a PIN number, this PIN number is used each time for transactions made. The offline storage provided by the wallet makes it secured from the online thefts.

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Ledger Nano S

It is also a hardware wallet used to store crypto currencies. This device can also be connected to any of the computer using the USB and can be used easily. It is embedded with double security check to confirm each transaction done.

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