How ICT supports business process?

ICT systems comprise of desktop computers, laptop, fixed and cell phone system, tablet, software and network system.  In the present time, organizations are using information and communication system to improve various aspects of their business. The main aim of implementing information and communication technology in business process is to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve ability to compete with competitive businesses. That is why organizations are investing a lot of money in ICT so that they can easily attain their business goals.  

There are many software programs which are offering the best platforms for it architecture and business process. There are many organizations which are using bluedolphin that is business process platform to get numerous benefits as it allows them to understand the functionality of IT landscaping easily.

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ICT helps in decision making bitterly– information and communication technology enables organizations to store, exercise, analyze and allocate amount of data. The corporate data and information enables executives and employees to take better and immediate decision that helps them to manage operations skillfully and make a quick respond to new business opportunities as well as threats. Communication networks help managers and employees working from different locations to communicate and work together and make joint decision if needed.

Improved productivity

ICT enables organizations to improve individual or overall productivity through providing employees’ information and technology tools and automating the business operations. Solutions like computer aided designs are helpful for employees as they enable them to decrease set up times and improve fabricating accuracy so that employees may not have to spend much time on reworking. Access the fabricating data enables executives to plan production more efficiently. This will also help them to use resources bitterly and reduce dominance time.

Besides this, ICT also enables businesses to improve their customer service, financial performance and collaborations. In this way ICT contributes a lot in businesses growth and success.

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