Gifts for your near and dear ones

It is a tradition to purchase specialty of the place where you happen to visit either for business purposes or for vacations. It is done as a token of remembrance of that place and sometimes you purchase gift for your family members and friends. France is a land which holds many novelties for its visitors. Onesuch noveltyis the boxes made up of porcelain in the city of Limoges. Limoges boxes gave the city of Limoges, a unique identity. Limoges and the boxes made there became synonym to each other.

Variety of Limoges boxes

These boxes are such a master piece of artistry and craftsmanship that its demand is ever lasting and people flock together to buy it.They keep on enquiring from the shops which sell theses boxes about the latest collection. There is endless variety of different types of boxes available on the shop.

How Limoges boxes are created?

Limoges boxes are made up of Kaolin –the white clay, feldspar for making the box partially transparent and quartz- used for hardness and durability. The three ingredients are mixed with water to form soft paste and then they are filled in the mold. The paste is heated to a low temperature when it is partially dry. Then the box is heated at a very high temperature .The temperature of the furnace is so high that the stones of the paste melt to form a permanent bond. The original size of the box is also shrieked up to 15%. Now the porcelain box is ready for the painting to be drawn by hand. The design is drawn on the box and the paint is done one color at a time. After every color the box is heated on high temperature and then dried. Then the hinging process is applied on the boxes and finally it is all set for the market.

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