Franchise Marketing – What Does the Franchisor Do?

Franchising is a business option that promises so many benefits; starting your business is okay; for many they can now have the independence they have always wanted but what’s the use of being independent without being successful. Franchising provides you much more than being your own boss; you would start off business leveraging on the good will and brand reputation of established organizations. That’s like having a spring board that launches you immediately into making the jumbo profits. Several other benefits and incentives like enjoying free training and coaching, free technical assistance, reduced marketing expenses and external economies of scale comes along with the franchise package.

If you have decided to go with a franchising business, you’ve got be conscious of the fact that much as franchising is a business option with bright prospects, there are pitfalls to be wary of; you’ve got to evaluate the terms and offers of various franchisors and go with the one that offers you the best value. One of the very important terms of the franchise offer you should take a good look at is the franchise marketing plan; it’s a comprehensive statement of the action plan on how franchisors intend to win prospective clients and customers to buy the goods and services that would be transferring to your business unit. The more robust the marketing plan of a franchisor, the higher your chances of success with the franchisor. Where a franchisor does not include adequate marketing plans in the franchise contract, it is advisable you go elsewhere.

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How flexible a franchise marketing plan is and how welcoming a franchisor is to new marketing ideas are also factors you should put into consideration when it comes to making a choice of franchise. The environment of business is so dynamic; this calls for frequent revision and modification to a franchise marketing plan. A franchisor with foresight incorporates flexibility into overall marketing plans and calls for inputs from franchisees before coming up with a comprehensive corporate marketing plan.

You cannot afford to enter into a franchise agreement with a franchisor that has no place for strategic marketing plan in the business’ corporate plans. You would do well to ensure your business interest is protected by pitching your tent with a market oriented franchise family.

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