Durable Intraoral Digital Sensor

With more than ten times durability compared to other sensors, SuniRay 2 leads the industry at optimal exposure levels and regarding image quality. This sensor shows the commitment of Suni when it comes to the production of a perfectly balanced digital sensor. This sensor achieves a maximum level of image quality which has superior diagnostic capabilities while at the same time maintaining low radiation levels as compared to other digital sensors.

The high-quality imaging of SuniRay 2 is supplemented by the comprehensive and professional Suni Advanced

Imaging Software a wide array of other user-friendly image enhancement and customization tools.  Since it features the lowest optimal exposure rating in the dental industry, this durable intraoral digital sensoris the next generation of SuniRay’s product line. Notably, the sensor is capable of producing highly diagnostic images with an exposure of 0.38, according to a recent press release.  Its design guarantees patient comfort, with images featuring high spatial and contrast resolution.

Design and Features

The device contains an advanced Suni CMOS chip, 1.2 mm fiber optic plate, and a specially designed scintillator screen which ensures that you get a high-quality X-ray image during a dental evaluation. Also, the user-friendly Prof. Suni software will provide you with an array of preset filters and an automatic image enhancement which will complement the high-quality x-rays. This will not only help in maximizing the diagnostic capabilities but will also help you when it comes to managing and storing the resulting images without much processing or filing time. The device also integrates with the existing imaging software for maximum flexibility. Notably, this medical imaging device also strikes a perfect balance between high line pairs per millimeter, low optimal radiation exposure, and signal-to-noise ratio.

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Performance and Durability

This device has a unique reinforced cable attachment and an ultrasonically sealed outer casing which makes it more reliable and durable. When it comes to performance, the impact protection technology will ensure that this sensor performance even when there is extra strain or pressure. The device captures high-quality x-rays while at the same time minimizing the radiation exposure, which is the lowest level amongst all the digital sensors. Suniray2 will require the lowest levels of radiation compared to all digital sensors which are currently in the market.

Why the Upgrade is Important

With the combination of all these characteristic, SuniRay2 is rated as the most efficient digital x-ray system which has ever been designed for intraoral use. From its comfortable round-edge design to high resolution and clear x-rays, this device provides an easy digital imaging with minimal with little effort. In case your staff has been struggling when it comes to keeping up with the time and cost which is involved in analog x-ray processing, it is imperative that you switch to the fully digital Suniray2 System which will save time and money. If you wish to replace your outdated radiography technology with the latest technology, you should consider using SuniRay 2 which is a Durable intraoral digital sensor.

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