Absent-Minded? Here are 3 Ways Home Automation Can Help

We all forget things from time to time, but some of us struggle with forgetting important things, like turning the stove off, or where we put the remote. For those of us who would lose our heads if it wasn’t attached, it’s ok; home automation has us covered.

Forget the Locks?

Forgetting to lock your door can be a costly mistake. It jeopardizes the safety of your possessions, and the safety of your family. With smart locks, however, you never need to worry that you’ve left the door unlocked again. Using your smartphone, you can check remotely to see if the door is locked and, with a simple tap of the finger, you can lock the door from anywhere in the world.

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Forget the Lights?

Whether you’re worried about conservation, or rising energy costs, leaving lights on when you leave can be a serious issue. In the past, if you left lights on in the home when away on vacation, you just had to eat the electricity cost. Not anymore. With smart lights and a smart panel to control them, you can use your phone to click lights on or off no matter where you are or what you’re doing. That way, you can cut down on your power bill, and feel good for taking better care of the environment too.

Forget the Garage Door?

This one is a big “oops.” Forgetting the garage door is the homeowner’s equivalent of forgetting to zip up your fly. We’ve all done it, and we’ve all felt foolish for it. Home automation has the answer for this, too. With a smart garage module, you can close your garage from—you guessed it—your smartphone. A couple taps and the door is closed, saving you the embarrassment of a neighbor calling to let you know.

With tools like these and more, home automation is bound to help you with all the little things you forget day to day. And who knows, maybe over time it will teach you to remember these things before you leave. One can certainly hope.

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