6 Types of Office Chair (and Why You need Them)

It might come as a bit of a surprise but there are many different types of office chair.  You need all of these chair types, as they each have a different 123inkcartridges.ca purpose.


You might also know this type as a “boardroom chair,” and they are among the most common, and populous, type of office chair.  These chairs are designed specifically for comfort, as you sit in them during office meetings (and it would be somewhat counterproductive to design a chair that would be uncomfortable).

But since comfort is the utmost priority, these chairs can be a little on the bulky side. Indeed, they are not very easy to move.  Also, they are typically not adjustable (so not for all body types).


At the other extreme, these chairs are designed not just for comfort but for ultimate functionality.  These chairs are specifically made to offer the best support for your back muscles and your spine.  These chairs are typically very large, with cushioned support that includes a headrest. They are also adjustable and have armrests that ensure you maintain proper posture while working.  That helps you stay focused and reduces fatigue.

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The executive chair has a cushioned seat and high back as well as padded armrests often made of polyurethane foam (and sometimes even covered in leather).  What really sets these chairs apart, though, is the casters and wheels on its feet that allow for rotation and movement in all directions. Furthermore, the backrest is typically adjustable, which provides some of the most versatile, customizable features in all of the office furniture world.


Made for easy storage and transport, stacking chairs come in different shapes and sizes and can be as simple as flimsy plastic or can feature metallic legs and plush fabric cushions. The main feature, of course, is that they are stackable in a way that makes it very easy to store them and pull them out only when you need them.

The most popular type of office chair, task chairs are similar to the executive chair in that they feature a similar wheel and caster system.  They are also typically foam-lined, which makes them more comfortable than other simple types of office chair. The adjustable height also makes them ideal for the office as just about anyone can be comfortably seated in one.


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