15 Businesses/Organizations You Should Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a great and fast way to stay on top of important news around the globe. It can also entertain and make you laugh. If you are looking for interesting companies or organizations to follow, make sure that these great companies are on your list!


#1 – TED Talks

@TEDtalks are influential videos from wonderful speakers from all corners of the globe. Their slogan “ideas worth spreading” beautifully describes their mission. Their videos touch topics such as business, global warming, education, and science. There is something for everyone.

#2 – ACN Inc.

@acnnews provides great tips on how to manage your business successfully. As a successful direct selling company themselves, they have great videos and training sessions to help their independent business owners thrive. No ACN scam here.

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#3 – Goalcast

@Goal_Cast is a community that inspires and motivates people to get through their challenges. Their tweets aim to encourage people to reach their goals and pursue happiness.

#4 – Inc.

@Inc gives readers tips and advice on how to start and grow a successful business. Their account talks about issues such as happiness and productivity, definitely topics that are useful to anyone.

#5 – The Muse

@TheMuse gives insightful career advice and tries to help people find a meaningful job and enhance their careers.

Education & Current Affairs

#6 – The Associated Press

@AP keeps you informed with the most up to date current affairs. They are a not for profit news agency that reports on all topics relevant to everyday life.

#7 – Coursera

@coursera provides access to education online. Their twitter account talks about the different courses they offer and people’s experiences.

#8 – Hootsuite

@hootsuite gives news and tips for using social media effectively. They discuss the ins and outs of social media success.

#9 – TIME

You can’t go wrong with @TIME. Their account discusses current events from around the world and also includes news that is headline worthy.

#10 – Kano Computing

@Team Kano offers an interesting concept of offering DIY computer kits that anyone can make and code. They offer tutorials and tell encouraging stories to promote the world of coding.

Health and Lifestyle

#11 – Ancestry

@Ancestry is an excellent resource for digging into your family roots. Their account tells interesting stories about people’s surprising ancestry and family background.

#12 – Barnes & Noble

For all the latest news in books follow @BNBuzz. You’ll find out about all events happening at your local store and specials going on.

#13 – E! News

For all the latest news for upcoming movies, TV series and celebrities check out @enews.

#14 – Fitbit

@fitbit is a company that sells fitness trackers and tweets tips on different ways to stay healthy. They include workout videos, recipes, and give practical advice on leading a healthy life.

#15 – Whole Foods Market

From tweeting recipes to advertising their weekly specials, the @wholefoods twitter account is ideal for those who like to eat good quality food.

So there you have it, 15 great companies to follow on Twitter. This list can be endless, but these are companies that have proven throughout time to offer sound advice, great entertainment or motivation for our everyday life.


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